Open Climate is a collective of people dedicated to exploring the intersection between the open movement and the climate crisis.

Open Climate seeks to identify and establish links between the planetary and digital commons in order to understand ways that the open movement – through data, science, policy, hardware, open knowledge production – can better support climate actions.

Meet the 2023 Open Climate Fellows

We are very excited to announce our first fellow cohort connecting practitioners and communities in Mexico, Nigeria, Argentina, Chile, the Bahamas, Germany and the Philippines.

Priorities for 2023

Since our first community call, Open Climate has hosted conversations with people who bring insights about how open practices can strengthen climate action. Over the course of 12 community calls, we identified five issues where the open movement could become a key actor to pursue a sustainable future:

  1.  Our information environment is polluted by companies and governments who deny or delay climate action. This can be countered by a robust knowledge commons.
  2. Openness can help address the environmental impact of digital infrastructures.
  3. Downscale climate science to local levels and work for the “smallest possible policy-maker.”
  4. Freeing access to climate information can be done by growing the socio-technical capacity of community spaces.
  5. The open movement is a cultural movement in principle, and it can offer value to other movements by operating intersectionally.

You can read more about these issues on Branch Magazine and the Climate Justice & the Knowledge Commons report.

About us

Established in partnerships between team members of Open Environment Data Project, Mozilla Foundation, Green Web Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, Appropedia Foundation, Wikimedistas de Uruguay, and University of Notre Dame, the Open Climate community has been a generative space to understand how the knowledge commons can better serve the goals of climate justice.

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