Open Climate

2023 Fellows: Dr. Sadiat Adetoro Salau

Dr. Sadiat Adetoro Salau

📍Minna, Nigeria

🏷️ #OpenAccess, #OpenClimate, #OpenEducationResources

Fellowship Focus

Climate denial and misinformation is a challenge in Nigeria. These challenges are compounded by Africa’s low carbon footprint, as well as other factors linked to the effects of climate change including insecurity, poverty and government negligence. However, the effects of climate change across geographical regions in the country are becoming increasingly devastating, from the desertification in the north, to the devastating floods in the middle belt and southern areas, to the haze caused by soot in oil producing areas.

During the fellowship, Sadiat will work with course content creators and language specialists to democratize contextual climate education through an easy-to-understand open self-study tutorial. This will first be constructed in English and subsequently in the three major languages in Nigeria. Taking into consideration the ways climate change affects different regions, the online self-study tutorial will be designed to build capacity for anyone with little or no prior formal education or knowledge on climate change. The open tutorial will also be beneficial for participants interested in building their capacity on climate education for the non-formal education sector. At the end of the tutorial, participants should be able to: 

  1. Teach contextual climate change to diverse groups of persons in the non-formal education sector, and
  2. Select a ‘good enough’ balance of facilitation strategies to dispel misinformation online and offline about climate change (e.g., updating climate change and environmental information on Wikipedia).


Sadiat Adetoro Salau (she/her) is a knowledge mobilization and training specialist with over ten years of experience in the conceptualization and implementation of knowledge management systems. Sadiat is passionate about analyzing, mobilizing, transferring and disseminating evidence-based research knowledge for the public good. She also facilitates the design of sustainable programs on knowledge dissemination.